Adult Education Classes ON HOLD

Adult Education Classes Not Offered for Spring 2014

Due to low enrollments in 2013, the class will not be offered this spring.  Please contact Adult Education for further information.

Register at www.­adulted-­rop.­coronado.­k12.­ca.­us

Tuition: $36 (Sr. $32)

Instructors from the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club work with the Coronado Adult Education/ROP of the Coronado Unified School District to try to offer a spring and a fall three-week course called INTRO TO LAWN BOWLING.

Participants in the course learn the history and background of lawn bowling as a sport.  They then receive explanation and instruction on how the game is played and they learn to bowl.  The class meets twice a week for the three weeks with the vast majority of the time spent on the bowling green learning and practicing.

There are no dress requirements except to wear flat soled shoes.  Club eqipment is used for all instruction.

This is a fun way to learn a brand new sport with others who are just trying it out!