CLBC Super Shots Circle

Roz Smyth & Ken Law. Roz's First Super Shot.


Members of the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club who have entered the Super Shots Club.  These are palyers who scored 7, 8, or 9 points on one end of play.          Below are the 2011 Super Shots Club Members!!

First Super Shots Winners, Bill Killingsworth & Carol Gillard

Nancy Granquist & Mike Jordan, Our Second Super Shots Winners

Bernie Roeder & Vince Buscemi Join Super Shots with a 7-Point End (our Third Team)

Skip, Allan LaMotte, Lead, Sandra Tredwell, and Vice Skip Bill Killingsworth became the 4th Team to Join the Super Shots Club. While this was the first time for Allan and Sandra on the CLBC Green, it was Bill's 3rd time in the SuperShots Winners' Circle.

Berie Grobe and Bernie Roeder scored a 7-point Supere Shots End to become the 5th Super Shots Winners in the CLBC. It was Berie’s first and Bernies’s Second Super Shots End.


Dale St. Denis & Bill Hiscock become the 6th Members of the Super Shots Club with an 8-Point End in a Pairs Game!


CLBC Super Shots Winners Number 7, Bernie Roeder & Linda Verdeyen. This is Bernie Roeder's 3rd Super Shot.


8th Super Shot Winners: Linda Verdeyen scores her second Super Shot end just ten days after scoring the first one. Again, her teammate, Bernie Roeder joined in with his 4th Super Shot win. These two were led by Skip, Margaret Cooper.

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