South League Calendar 2019



South League Play   2019 Schedule

The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club participates in an annual League among the Lawn Bowling Clubs of the South Division of the Southwest Lawn Bowling Association.  The four clubs in the League are the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club, the Oaks North Lawn Bowling Club and the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club.  Each club fields two triples teams for each League play.  The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club welcomes all of its members to sign up to participate.  The CLBC Leader for 2019 is Tony Santos.  The sign up sheet and additional information can be found at the Club.

The Calendar of 2019 League Play is:

Feb 27 – San Diego

Mar 6 – Oaks North

Mar 20 – Coronado

Apr 03 – San Diego

Apr 17 – Oaks North

May 01 – Coronado

May 15 – San Diego

May 29 – Oaks North

Jun 12 – Coronado

Jun 26 – San Diego

Jul 10 – Oaks North

Jul 24 – Coronado

The South District League this year will involve three teams: San Diego, Oaks North  and Coronado.  We will field two triples teams and each play two 14 end games each day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The morning game starts at 9:30 AM and the second about ½ hour after completion of the last morning game.  Players should bring their own lunch.

2019 Rules

Two 3 or 4 member teams shall represent each Club for each day’s play of the Regular Season.

For any four member teams, the team composition for the morning and afternoon teams must be identified prior to playing the morning game at 9 AM.  The fourth member playing the afternoon game is not eligible to play in the skip position.

Substitution may be allowed only if both skips agree or, if they cannot agree, in the opinion of the League Director believes the substitution is necessary, per law 33.3. However, the replacement player is not eligible to play in the skip position per law 33.4.

Going to the head;

Leads can go to the head after their third bowl per law A. Vice skips may go to the head after their second and third bowls per law A. Skips may go to the head after their first bowl only if there is jack movement from the opposing skips first roll.  Otherwise, skips can only go to the head after their second and third bowls.

 We do not expect each player to play every match.  We will rotate playing among those who are interested.  We will try to set up car pools to drive to the away matches.  If you would like to be considered to represent Coronado in 2019 League play, please sign the form at the Club or send  an e-mail to Tony Santos at

The League winner participates in the Annual Waterbury All League Tournament later in the year.