Annual Report 2018

CLBC 2018 Annual Report

Collective Efforts by Everyone

5,877 GREEN USES FOR 2018



  • Maintained Coronado Lawn Bowling Club Facebook Page
  • Updated photo albums (Started the 11th Album)
  • Updated USB picture display over 6,000 photos)
  • Updated the CLBC Web Site for 2018
  • Maintained the Google Group for CLBC Communications
  • Submitted 8 Press Releases to the Eagle Journal
  • Submitted 1 Press Release to Bowls USA
  • Purchased 350 Flyers for Summer Twilight Open Bowling/ Hot August Nights ($$126.78)
  • Purchased 50 Additional 2018 Annual Calendars ($36)
  • Ordered 250 Additional Brochures ($140)
  • Ordered 6 car magnets for 4th of July Parade Entry
  • Submitted 4th of July Parade entry
  • Attended monthly meetings of the Spreckels Center Advisory Committee and provided summary reports and statistics
  • Created a Construction Photobook for Display
  • Created Photo Displays of Bowls USA Hall of Famers
  • Posted Twilight Open Bowling and Hot August Nights on Nextdoor Coronado
  • Submitted Twilight Open Bowling and Hot August Nights posting to the Cultural Arts Website
  • Prepared CLBC Web Site for 2019
  • Created Signs for the Coffee and Soda Sales
  • Ordered Car Magnets for the 4th of July ($44.69)
  • Created CLBC Ambassador and Provided 500 Business Cards & Holder ($48.91)
  • Ordered 100 Bias Box Gala Invitations (Mailed and Handed out) ($45.25 plus postage)
  • Designed and Ordered 500 2019 Annual Calendars ($155.13)


  • Processed Membership Renewals
  • Revised All Membership Applications
  • Ended 2018 with 112 Members & 5 Seasonal (3rd Largest Club in Southwest Division)
  • Held Board Nominations and Elections for President, Vice President & 3 Directors
  • Created Affiliate Membership and Signed up 3 Affiliate Members
  • Delete Affiliate Membership for 2019
  • Created August Membership Applications for Hot August Nights
  • Prepared and distributed Membership Renewals for 2019


  • Provided a total of 50 Free Lessons


  • Attended Ad Hoc Spreckels Center Monthly Meetings
  • Revised coverage in the Parks and Recreation Brochures
  • Provided material for Spreckels Center Newsletters
  • Asked for & received a Green Sweeper
  • Helped organize & Participate at a table for the Flower Show
  • Maintained Key Fobs Program to the Gate and Storage Room for Members
  • Worked with City Services to replace the patio plug
  • Asked for and received assistance to create more space in bowls storage closet
  • Met with City regarding the serving of adult beverages
  • Provided letter to the City regarding Reforestation of 7th St.
  • 32 Members attended the SCAC Meeting on Reforestation 7th St
  • Attended public meeting on Reforestation of 7th St.
  • Negotiated for Bar tending Services with Bella Bartending
  • Adjusted key mechanisms for Green Room and Restroom access
  • Worked on stanchions for patio during private events
  • Provided a Please Close the Gate Sign for 7th St.
  • Received Monthy Calendar of Grand Room Events
  • Worked with City on purchase and installation of Bike Racks on D Ave.
  • Parks and Recreation Director served as a Guest Chef
  • Met with David Aarons regarding green replacement products
  • Co-Sponsored Happy Hour with the City
  • Participated in the City’s Health & Wellness Fair
  • Secured Contract for the Bias Box Gala
  • Attended Ethics Training for Representative to SCAC
  • Received Training on the New Green Sweeper


  • Held Valentine’s Day Australian Pairs Tournament & After Party
  • Held St. Patrick’s Day Green on Green Triples Mixer Tournament & After Party
  • Participated in South League 2017 Hosting 4 Games
  • Held the Club Singles Ladder Competition
  • Held the Club Draw play Points Competition
  • Held Earth Day Singles Tournament & After Party
  • Held 3 Twilight Open Bowling Evenings (65 participants)
  • Held Memorial Day Triples Mixer & BBQ
  • Hosted the Coronado Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Held Midsummer Yardstick Tournament
  • Held Labor Day Bowling and Pot Luck
  • Held Halloween Bowling and BBQ
  • Held Historic Padway Pairs Tournament
  • Hosted the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Triples
  • Held Annual Holiday Bias Box Gala
  • Held 9 First Tuesday Lunch Bunch Days (4 catered)
  • Held a Holmby Park Visitation and attended a San Diego LBC Visitation
  • 115 Members and 4 Guests Participated in the 4th July Parade
  • 5-Woman Team Represented Coronado and competed in the Cal Fives Tournament

PRIVATE EVENTS (109 people)

  • Private Birthday Party Group of 11
  • Sports Fiesta Mini Tournament for the Optimist Club of 20 players
  • Private Group from La Jolla, Group of 21
  • Naval Officers Group of 9
  • Rotary v. Optimists Group of 32 paid participants
  • 92118 Day Mini Tournament Group of 16 players


  • Maintained a 2018 Singles Ladder (57 matches played)
  • Maintained Club Draw Points Competition
  • Refurbished the Game Play Board
  • Ordered New Liquid Chalk Markers
  • 1 Teams represented CLBC at Joslyn Mixed Triples at Holmby LBC
  • Received a donated toaster/convection oven and panini maker
  • Purchased a carousel for the K Cups
  • Stocked the Refrigerator with Waters and Sodas for $1
  • Purchased additional indoor brochure holders
  •  Continued to place trophies and plaques and pictures on display
  • Purchased 4 outdoor folding tables and 4 fitted green table cloths
  • Purchased 2 small tables for Name tags for games
  • Purchased 25 New Member folders
  • Purchased additional miscellaneous items for use in kitchenette
  • Updated three trophies
  • Designed and ordered a Club Member Board Poster for the Green Room ($24)
  • Purchased 2 Club Shirts for 5-Man All Star Team
  • Collected donations for a family of 2 to provide Christmas presents
  • Designed and Ordered 2 “Private Event Signs” ($54)
  • Provided Gifts for Exiting Board Members ($71.79)


  • Brushed the Green 8 Times
  • Met with David Aarons regarding the green replacement
  • Provided ongoing blowing, raking and watering of the green before game play on 150 days (approximately 185 person-hours or 23 person-days)
  • Repaired bumps on the green

History of Payments to City of Coronado 2010 Through 2018

YEAR CLBC PAYS CSA For Facility Use CLBC PAYS City Green Replacement CLBC PAYS City Facility Use CLBC PAYS City Total 2010-2018
2010 $2500 $5246 0  
2011 $2500 $4735 0  
2012 $2500 $4020 0  
2013 $3500* $4335 0  
2014 $2500 $4575 0  
2015 $2500 $4565 0  
2016 0 $4310 $2190  
2017 0 $5075 $2485  
2018 0 $5318 $2627  
    $42,179 $7,302 $49,481

From 2010 to 2015, the CLBC paid the Coronado Senior Association (CSA) a portion of each member’s dues as a facility use payment per the Permit to Use Facility Agreement with the City of Coronado.   When the building was demolished, the portion of the CLBC Membership dues began going to the City of Coronado for Facility Use.

From 2016 on, the CLBC Formula for payment to the City of Coronado is 1/3 for Green Replacement and 1/6 for Facility Use.