South League 2023

The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club participates in an annual League among the Lawn Bowling Clubs of the South Division of  Southwest Lawn Bowls.  The three clubs in the League are the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club, the Oaks North Lawn Bowling Club and the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club.  Each club fields two triples teams for each League play.  The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club welcomes all  members to sign up to participate.  The CLBC Leader for 2023 is Kim Davis. 

The South District League this year will involve three teams: San Diego, Oaks North  and Coronado.  We will field two triples teams and each play two 14 end games each day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  The morning game starts at 9:00 AM and the second about ½ hour after completion of the last morning game.  Players should bring their own lunch.

2023 Schedule

March 1 – Oaks North  

Mar 8 – Coronado

Mar 22 – San Diego

Apr 5 – Oaks North

Apr 19 – Coronado                                      

May 3 – San Diego

May 17 – Oaks North

May 31 – Coronado

Jun 14 – San Diego

Jun 28 – Coronado

Jul 12 – Oaks North

Jul 26 – San Diego


The Controlling Body reserves the right to change or alter the program to successfully carry out or finish the event per law 55.3.4; for example, institute time limits.


Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am – See schedule


Coronado LBC                          San Diego LBC                    Oaks North LBC

1019 Seventh St.                      2125 Park Blvd.                   12578 Oaks North Dr.

Coronado, CA  92118              San Diego, CA  92101        San Diego, CA  92128

(619) 319-5509                         (619) 238-5457                     (858) 231-0786

Entry Fee:



  • Three-bowl triples
  • Two teams of three from each club
  • Two 14-end games per team
  • Lunch after the first game
  • Each team plays one game against a team from each of the other two clubs
  • No time limit will be set for any game


If teams are tied after 14 ends have been completed, one tiebreaker end must be played.

Determination of Winners:

No plus points. The games are scored as either a win or a loss.

Substitute and Replacement Players:

Substitute players will be allowed to play in the second game in the Lead and Vice positions only. No substitute may replace the Skip. In the event of an illness or injury that occurs during play, and the player is unable to return to the game within 10 minutes, a substitute will be allowed to play in that game and must remain in that game until it is completed. Substitute players must be announced before the start of the first game unless resulting from illness or injury during play in the first game. This accommodation is meant to allow more players to be involved in league play.

Dress Code:

Teams are encouraged to wear matching white, colored or patterned shirts with sleeves and a collar. It is preferred that teams wear the same color of bottom attire. Players must wear flat-soled (heel-less) footwear.


Bring your own lunch and a refillable water bottle.


Practice will be allowed once the greens are ready for play, but shall end promptly at 8:25 a.m. so players can be ready for announcements.

Trial Ends:

Two bowls in each direction per player before each game. If a team chooses not to take trial bowls, the other team may still do so.

Restriction of Movement of Players:

Lead: after delivery of their third bowl

Vice: after delivery of their second and third bowl

Skips: after delivery of each of their bowls

When a skip at the head walks up to the mat to deliver their first bowl, their direct opponent can remain at the head until that bowl has come to rest before walking up to the mat to deliver their own first bowl.

Re-spotting (Burnt End):

In the event of a burnt end, the jack will be re-spotted on the 2-meter mark on the centerline.

League Chairperson:

Berie Grobe

1019 Seventh St.

Coronado, CA 92118

(619) 319-5509