President’s Message 2018 – Thankful & Moving Ahead


We had a challenging beginning with the many construction delays that prevented the John D. Spreckels Center & Bowling Green from opening until April 1.  But, it turned out to be well worth the wait.  All of us were literally gaping at the beauty of the facility and we celebrated as our April Club Tournament became our first ever in The Green Room and on the patio.  Our mantra has been how very thankful we are to the City of Coronado for this magnificent facility.  We are proud and grateful for the partnership that we are forging with the City and we face the challenges of it all side by side in cooperation as both the City and the CLBC make necessary changes and adjustments to make everything fantastic.

As we begin 2018, we still face a year of changes.  Change is always difficult but we will embrace it and move ahead.  Already we were blessed with the largest growth in membership in a single year (became the 3rd largest club in the SWLBA); a huge success with 852 attending Twilight Open Bowling; the dedication of a permanent plaque to our very own Bill Hiscock; a surprise additional Southwest Rinks Tournament; some of the largest numbers of green-use months in our recent history; the re-dedication of the Sara Rowe print; and our club 5-Man All Star team bringing home “the gold.”.

Moving ahead, we are working with City Parks & Recreation on trying out another youth after school class in the mid-winter months.  We have been developing a new shorter game format (Smash Attack) styled after a game that is played in Australia that we hope will begin to appeal to younger/busier working folks who cannot devote as much time to the sport.  We are scheduling the first Tuesday of the month as “after-bowling Lunch Bunch day” where we will stay and enjoy lunches together.  We will have our usual 8 Club tournaments and our socials and will continue our successful Twilight Open Bowling.

We have a lot more work to do but we are up to the task.  I pledge to you all that we will continue to strive to be the greatest & happiest lawn bowling club in the world!

Best regards,

Berie Grobe

President, Coronado Lawn Bowling Club

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