Mid-Year Message 2021 – Beginning Again and Going Full Bore

2020 will certainly remain one of the most difficult and chaotic years in memory for many of us.  As a Club, we persevered through these times and remained dedicated to providing our Membership with opportunities to continue being outdoors in a safe place doing what we love to do….roll bowls!

Play was halted and the Green locked on March 17, 2020.  On May 21, 2020, the Green was re-opened for limited play under strict safety protocols.  The appetite for bowling was demonstrated by the 2,228 players playing in through our December year end.  We managed to work through a remote process for two tournaments. Our Membership in 2020 exceeded our Membership in 2019 somewhat due to the fact that we were one of the first clubs to open under safety protocols.  We have already surged past 2020’s Membership with 97 members as to date and 5 months remaining. Spring of 2021 has included our usual 5 tournaments, though we continued playing with masks on until April.  Our July Twilight Open Bowling events were well attended with the Twilight Bowling and BBQ breaking all records with 103 participants.  Some of the drainage problems have been fixed and our Turf Committee continues to work with the City of Coronado preparing to engineer a solution to the fungus problem and select and install new artificial turf.


This Calendar for the second half of 2021 outlines the fun we will have for the remainder of this year.  We hope that you will continue to enjoy playing in the wonderful fresh air.  Please look for and welcome our new members and help guide them as they learn our fantastic sport!  We hope to plan some refresher clinics for those of us who have become a little rusty about the fine points of play and for the large number of Novices who are trying to learn.  And, we are now looking forward already to our Annual Bias Box Gala where we will once again be dancing to the tunes of Jerry “Hot Rod” DeMink!!

Let’s keep rivaling Disneyland as the Happiest Place on Earth.

Hugs to you and yours,

Berie Grobe