Annual Report 2015

CLBC 2015 Annual Report

Collective Efforts By Everyone

5,510 GREEN USES FOR 2015


  • Maintained  Coronado Lawn Bowling Club Facebook Page
  • Maintained E Coronado Contact
  • Updated photo album
  • Submitted 10 Press Releases to the Eagle Journal
  • Submitted 5 Press Releases to Bowls USA Newsletter
  • Purchased Flyers for Twilight Open Bowling
  • Provided Flyers to Sr. Association for the Flower Show Table
  • Purchased Banner for the 80th Anniversary
  • Appeared on KUSI to promote Charity Event
  • Purchased an Ad in the Booklet for the Mayors’ Dinner ($250)


  • Processed Membership Renewals
  • Ended 2015 with 100 Members (5 Due to Twilight Open Bowling & 2 to Rotary v Optimist)


  • Responded to the continuing call-ins for Free Lessons
  • Provided lessons for 12 officers & wives from the USS Ronald Reagan
  • Named Club Coach & Provided Cards
  • Club Coach initiated coaching sessions


  • Established Quarterly Meetings with Roger Miller (March 24, June 23, Sept. 22, Dec. 29)
  • Attended Planning Meeting for Coronado 125 Year Celebration Activities
  • Attended meeting with Architects regarding the new Facility’s kitchen design
  • Aided Architects in redesigning the CLBC Room
  • Provided lessons for the Recreation Services Staff
  • Negotiated a One-Year Extension of the CLBC Permit to Use Facility
  • Attended a 3 Ad Hoc Advisory Committee Meeting for the New Facility
  • Submitted pictures of Sara Rowe Prints through Jeff Tyler of the Cultural Arts Commission
  • Invited Recreation Services to Sponsor a team for Charity Event
  • Telephone Meeting with Architect regarding New Facility
  • Attended 3 City Council Meetings Regarding the New Facility
  • Attended Emergency Tree Meeting regarding Eucalyptus


  • Held Annual Holiday Bias Box Gala
  • Hosted Yacht Club Party
  • Hosted the South League Competition 4 times & fielded teams for the competition
  • Hosted Supply Officers & Air Wing of the USS Ronald Reagan
  • Hosted Drew Goodmanson Party
  • Held 15 Twilight Open Bowling Evenings (513 Participants)
  • Hosted Red Hat Ladies
  • Hosted The Panama Club
  • Hosted a Private Birthday Party
  • Hosted the HSM 71 Group
  • Hosted the HSM 41 Group
  • Marched in the 4th of July Parade
  • CLBC Members attended West Side Story at Lambs Players Theatre
  • Member hosted Octoberfest Party
  • Canceled Labor Day Potluck due to Octoberfest in same week
  • Canceled September Tournament due to the 80th Anniversary Charity Tournament
  • Hosted the 80th Birthday Charity Tournament
  • Hosted Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Mixed Triples
  • Held Halloween Bowling & Potluck Social
  • Attended Visitation at SDLBC
  • Hired Bella Beverage Catering to bar tend the Annual Bias Box Gala
  • Hosted the Steiner Birthday Party
  • Hosted A Private Birthday Party for 2 people
  • Hosted SWLBA Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Hosted a Party for Monk Development Company Group


  • Purchased Liquid Chalk Markers for Scoreboards
  • Created Club Towel Erasers for Scoreboards
  • Purchased chalk wipes but could not use them
  • Awarded Winner of Club Draw Play Competition
  • Awarded Second Winner of the CLBC Club Singles Ladder
  • Signed contract for the Annual Bias Box Gala: Total $847.50.
  • Ordered Trophy for Memorial Day Tournament in Honor of Mike Jordan
  • Submitted entry for the 4th of July Parade
  • Ordered Flyers for the Sept 19 Charity Tournament Event
  • Ordered Flyers for Twilight Open Bowling
  • Ordered Flyers for Free Lessons
  • Posted Announcement for Annual Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Posted Announcement for Bill Hiscock Mixed Triples
  • Donor provided striped ties and bow ties for 4th of July Parade
  • Held 4 Charity Event Planning Meetings
  • Made Stickers for Charity Event
  • Purchased 18 Official Drakes Pride Mats at $18/each
  • Purchased bin to store new mats
  • Created Advertising post cards for Charity Event
  • Purchased elongated club bowls containers for experiment
  • Posted Open Director Positions & Collected Nominations
  • Held election of the three Directors
  • Purchased and distributed invitations for the Annual Holiday Boas Box Gala
  • Designed and printed a new 2016 streamlined calendar
  • Member hosted a Summer Party for Club Members
  • Solicited Donations of Money and Prizes for the 8th Birthday Charity Tournament
  • Printed 400 additional Pocket Guides
  • Added Voice Mail Service to Club Telephone ($5/month)
  • Updated Names on the Bill Hiscock Trophy (3 years)
  • Purchased Bin for Storage of Bowls During Construction
  • Replaced Canvas Canopy on pop up tent


  • Created signup sheet & process for day to day maintenance but later abandoned it due to more people arriving to work
  • Brushed the green 4 times (3 Club Clean Up Days)
  • Continued use of sand bags for green protection as needed
  • Purchased material for new chalk boards
  • Emptied the back shed.  Packed boxes and distributed to Club Members for storage.
  • Continued ongoing blowing, watering and raking of the green before play