Annual Report 2017

CLBC 2017 Annual Report

Collective Efforts by Everyone

6,380 GREEN USES FOR 2017

Record Year for the 7 Years


·         Maintained  Coronado Lawn Bowling Club Facebook Page

·         Updated photo albums (Started the 10th Album)

·         Updated USB picture display (@ 6,000 photos)

·         Created a Google Group for CLBC Communications

·         Created a second CLBC g-mail account (

·         Submitted 4 Press Releases to the Eagle Journal

·         Submitted 3 Press Releases to Bowls USA Newsletter

·         Purchased 500 Additional Flyers for Twilight Open Bowling

·         Purchased 250 additional Marketing Brochures ($89.99 + $7.99 postage)

·         Ordered 6 car magnets for 4th of July Parade Entry

·         Submitted 4th of July Parade entry

·         Created and purchased the CLBC Annual Calendar

·         Attended monthly meetings of the the Spreckels Center Advisory Committee and provided summary reports and statistics


·         Processed Membership Renewals

·         Ended 2017 with 107 Members & 6 Seasonal (3rd Largest Club in Southwest Division)

·         Held Board Nominations and Elections for  2 Directors

·         Sent 12 Get well cards to Members

·         Applied for Authorization from the DOJ to receive fingerprint clearance on CLBC Volunteers

·         Cleared 2 Volunteers’ fingerprints


·         Coach held Vice Skip Training Clinic

·         Instructor held 63 Free lesson sessions and 9 Free Additional Lessons given by Treasurer (72 Total)

·         Held informal Skip training

·         Held social bowls refresher training


·         Attended Ad Hoc Spreckels Center Monthly Meetings

·         Revised coverage in the Parks and Recreation Brochures

·         Provided material for Spreckels Center Newsletters

·         Asked for & received a new leaf blower

·         Asked for and received sand replacement for the ditches

·         Helped organize & Participate at a table for the Flower Show

·         Distributed 57 Key Fobs to the Gate and Storage Room to Members

·         Asked for and received permission to use the Grand Room for Bias Box Gala

·         Board Members trained to use alarm system

·         Attended the Ad Hoc Patio Committee Meetings

·         Worked with City Services to reposition benches & trash receptacles

·         Asked for and received refurbishment of the brusher

·         Painted brusher basket

·         Asked for and received assistance to create more space in bowls storage closet

·         Created plan for access to ice when the facility is closed

·         Discussed future rules & regulations for private events

·         Created and submitted Code of Conduct, Conflict resolution and Harassment & Discrimination Policies for CLBC Rules, Policies and Procedures Manual

·         Signed Member up for the Spreckels Center Interest List


·         Held Valentine’s Day Australian Pairs Tournament

·         Held St. Patrick’s Day Green on Green Triples Mixer Tournament

·         Participated in South League 2016 Hosting 4 Games

·         Held the Club Singles Ladder Competition

·         Held the Club Draw play Points Competition

·         Held Earth Day Singles Tournament

·         Held 16 Twilight Open Bowling Evenings (852 Participants)

·         Held Memorial Day Triples Mixer & BBQ

·         Hosted the Southern California Rinks Tournament (2 days)

·         Hosted the Coronado Mixed Triples Tournament

·         Held Summer’s Day Club Triples Tournament

·         Held Labor Day Bowling and BBQ

·         Held Halloween Bowling and BBQ

·         Held Daylight Savings Farewell Club Pairs Tournament

·         Held Winter Knockout Tournament

·         Hosted the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Triples

·         Held Annual Holiday Bias Box Gala

·         Held 2 brown bag lunches in Green Room after bowling

·         Held a re-dedication Ceremony for the Sara Rowe watercolor

PRIVATE EVENTS (236 people)

·         Developed procedures for charging $10/person for private events

·         Veterans Administration Group of 7

·         Coronado Shores Group of 24

·         Recreational Professionals Group of 8

·         July Private Group of 29

·         Rotary v. Optimists Group of 42

·         Rebels Group of 32

·         Brett Woodward Group of 25

·         Scott Weber Group of 22

·         Sherry Holt (CSF Private Auction) group of 23

·         Coronado High School Teachers Group of 24


·         Moved all bowls and equipment to the new storage closets

·         Organized a new system for game board tags and game play board

·         Initiated 2017 Club Single Ladder

·         Initiated Club Draw Points Competition

·         Used large key fob for the indoor locking cabinets

·         Completed refinishing the Member Board

·         Ordered New Chalk Board Cleaning Towels

·         Ordered additional scoring pencils

·         1 Teams represented CLBC at Joslyn Mixed Triples at Holmby LBC

·         Had Spectrum activate the CLBC phones

·         Received a donation to purchase computer and printer for the CLBC office

·         Received donation to purchase a Keurig Coffee Maker

·         Initiated Brew Crew to oversee Club Coffee

·         Created list of Hosts for Twilight Open Bowling

·         Moved into the shared office space

·         Purchased indoor and outdoor brochure holders

·         Created and ordered the Waterbury Display Plaque

·         Created and displayed the 5-man All Star Plaque

·         Placed trophies and plaques and pictures on display

·         Purchased 8 small folding chairs for use around the green during bowling ($179)

·         Purchased 4 outdoor folding tables and 4 fitted green table cloths

·         Purchased 25 New Member folders

·         Purchased miscellaneous items for use in kitchenette (spoons, serving bowls, plates, tongs, dish dry mat, 3-tiered rolling cart, kitchen towel bar, trivet table runner, ice scoop, etc)

·         Worked on plan to change the outdoor 3-prong plug

·         Fixed cardboard Bill

·         Made $324 donation to pay for the framing of the Sara Rowe watercolor

·         Updated three trophies

·         Purchased additional CLBC address labels

·         Purchased 500 30-day  Green Use Business Cards ($33.50 +$3.44 tax+ $6.99 shipping) ($43.93)

·         Designed and ordered a Club Member Board Poster for the Green Room

·         Designed and ordered a CLBC Daily Schedule Poster for the Green Room

·         Renewed the Website Security for 1 year ($83.88)

·         Purchased luggage tags for Members to attach to their bowls bags for identification ($44.95)

·         Collected donations for a family of 7 to provide Christmas presents

·         Purchased office desk equipment (stapler, staple, tape dispenser, tape, rotating supply caddy, etc)

·         Organized file systems for the CLBC Office and the Green Room Desk


·         Brushed the Green 3 Times in the Fall

·         Painted the Rink Markers

·         Purchased new nose cart and new hose for the green center watering

·         Received new donated sprinkler

·         Purchased plant stand to use with umbrellas

·         Purchased new white baskets and liner for club bowls

·         Washed all club bowls

·         Wrapped rake handles

·         Met with David Aarons regarding the green replacement

·         Demolished small shed

·         Stored leftover sand in outdoor bin

·         Provided ongoing blowing, raking and watering of the green before game play on 150 days (approximately 225 person hours or 23 person days)

·         Repaired bumps on the green