Equipment Sources

Sources For Buying Bowls and Other Lawn Bowling Equipment

There are no manufacturers of lawn bowls in the United States.  The five largest manufacturers are:

AERO Bowls   Australia (largest as of 2014)

Henselite        Australia

Drakes Pride     England

Taylor               England

Almark              England

Brand new bowls generally cost between $300 and $400.  A set of bowls will last at least 30 years.

Below are two US sources for buying bowls and one English source.

LAWN BOWLS USA (Sells only Henslite Bowls)

10639 Lindamere Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90077

Bowlswear Direct sells bowls by all five of the major manufacturers.

Bowlswear Direct

15 Beacon Grove

Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3BA

Telephone: 020 8669 4444 |

Fax: 020 8773 3737 | Email:

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