Annual President’s Message 2022

Volunteering is Priceless

2021 began with masks and ended with full on frolic and fun!  How good it felt to operate in a normal way again! The CLBC overarching goal is to maintain a Club that serves the desires and needs of all members, is consistent with the goals of Coronado Parks, Recreation and Golf Services, and that increases and retains members.  And, yes, we remain dedicated to rivaling Disneyland by making this Club the happiest place on earth for each and every member.

Be reminded that we are the custodians of the City’s Green and that we promised to use the Green in a manner that will benefit the community through enhanced opportunities to play the game of Lawn Bowling.  We agreed to use the Green to conduct open play, social games, instruction, clinics, practice sessions, league competitions, visitations, tournaments, and other related activities to promote the game of Lawn Bowling.

Our Club is run solely by the hard work and efforts of our members, who serve as VOLUNTEERS to carry out all aspects of the Club including the green maintenance. In order to meet our commitments to the City and to maintain the happiest place on earth, the Club needs EVERY member to give what they can:  time, special skills, ideas, and leadership. Ask not what the CLBC can do for you, ask what you can do for the CLBC.

Many thanks to Roger Miller, Director of Parks, Recreation and Golf and to our new Spreckels Center Supervisor, Dana Welch, for their continuing help and support.  We feel blessed to have them in our corner.

My warmest regards,

Berie Grobe     

Benefitting the community through enhanced opportunities to play the game of Lawn Bowling