Annual Report 2016

CLBC 2016 Annual Report

Collective Efforts by Everyone

4,963 GREEN USES FOR 2016


  • Maintained  Coronado Lawn Bowling Club Facebook Page
  • Updated photo albums
  • Submitted 6 Press Releases to the Eagle Journal
  • Submitted 5 Press Releases to Bowls USA Newsletter
  • Purchased Flyers for Twilight Open Bowling
  • Purchased New Twilight Open Bowling Banner
  • Purchased Banner for the John D. Spreckels Bowling Green
  • Purchased Banner for Opening of John D. Spreckels Center
  • Developed and purchased a Marketing Brochure
  • Ordered 6 car magnets for 4th of July Parade Entry
  • Submitted 4th of July Parade entry
  • Created and purchased the CLBC Annual Calendar
  • Attended monthly meetings of the the Spreckels Center Advisory Committee and provided summary reports


  • Processed Membership Renewals
  • Ended 2016 with 97 Members (6 Due to Twilight Open Bowling)
  • Held Board Nominations and Elections for 3 Officers and 3 Directors


  • Responded to the continuing call-ins for Free Lessons
  • Coach held Vice Skip Training Clinic
  • Held one After School City of Coronado Session
  • Coach held 14 coaching sessions and 2 Additional Lessons given by President
  • Held informal Skip training
  • Held Oasis Class of 4


  • Established Quarterly Meetings with Roger Miller (March 24, June 23, Sept. 22, Dec. 29)
  • Negotiated a 6-Month Extension of the CLBC Permit to Use Facility
  • Attended the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Facility
  • Arranged for delivery of new large shed
  • Arranged to have Board Meetings in Library Conference Room
  • Requested & received a portable toilet then had it moved outside the fence
  • Received scoring pencils from Coronado Golf Course
  • Attended Ad Hoc Spreckels Center Meeting
  • Asked Parks and Recreation to Furnish 3 Additional portable toilets for August Mixed Triples
  • Received 8 New Umbrellas from the City
  • Met with Bill Gise regarding the construction of an Equipment Cart
  • Submitted Name of CLBC representative to the Spreckels Center Advisory Committee
  • Submitted Cart Proposal to Roger Miller and Bill Cecil
  • Received permission to display the Spreckels Center Renderings at our Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Planned for 3 additional portable toilets for the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Tournament
  • Planned that City rented 5 long tables and 40 chairs for the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Tournament
  • Participated in interview process for the Spreckels Center Supervisor
  • Completed an Ethics Training for the Spreckels Center Advisory Committee
  • Revised coverage in the Parks and Recreation Brochure
  • Created a  Code of Conduct, Conflict Resolution & Harassment and Discrimination Policies as requested


  • Held Valentine’s Day Australian Pairs Tournament
  • Held St. Patrick’s Day Green on Green Triples Mixer Tournament
  • Participated in South League 2016 Hosting 4 Games
  • Held the Club Singles Ladder Competition
  • Held the Club Drawplay  Points Competition
  • Held Mayo Madness Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Held 14 Twilight Open Bowling Evenings (459 Participants)
  • Collected items from storage at members’ houses
  • Held Memorial Day Triples Mixer & BBQ
  • Hosted a Private Event for Coronado Rotary Members
  • Hosted 29 people from Christ Church for Evening Bowling
  • Hosted the Coronado Mixed Triples Tournament
  • Hosted a visitation with Holmby Hill Lawn Bowling Club
  • Held Labor Day Bowling and Pot Luck Lunch
  • Held Halloween Bowling and Brown Bag Lunch
  • Hosted the Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Triples
  • Hosted Military Group on the Green
  • Held Fall Mixed Triples
  • Hosted a Private Group on the Green


  • Hosted Howard Horowitz from Aero Bowls for demo
  • Moved Hospitality to the new bin
  • Moved all bowls and equipment to the 2 sheds
  • Organized new temporary system for draw play name tags
  • Initiated 2016 Club Single Ladder
  • Initiated Club Draw Points Competition
  • Ordered large key fob for the shed key
  • Worked on refinishing the Member Board
  • Initiated Sign Up for the Sacred Heart Evening of Dance
  • Ordered New Chalk Board Cleaning Towels
  • Surveyed Membership Regarding Tournament Formats
  • Placed 2 Long Tables under the Canopies
  • Set up 2 Canopies for sun and rain protection
  • Made extra keys for the Storage Unit
  • Purchased Binder for 5 Years of Board Agendas
  • Ordered additional scoring pencils
  • Purchased 600 Score Cards
  • Purchased 600 Pocket Guides
  • Purchased Paper
  • Purchased 10X20 Car Canopy for Mixed Triples Tournament
  • 2 Teams represented CLBC at Joslyn Mixed Triples at Holmby LBC
  • 7 Members Bowled with the Australian Police Bowls Association at Balboa
  • Held Winter Knockout Tournament
  • Held Annual Holiday Bias Box Gala


  • Brushed the Green 3 Times in the Fall
  • Ongoing blowing, sweeping, raking before game play on 150 days
  • Painted the Rink Markers