Annual Report 2013


Collective Efforts by Everyone

Total Uses of the Green in 2013

5,837 (exceeds 2012 by 1,042)



  • Maintained  used bowls and bags for sale; added more donated bowls
  • Maintained inventory of club bowls
  • Maintained club hospitality supplies
  • Continued  club keys program with $10 deposit (went from 34 to 42 key holders during 2013)


  • Maintained Club Store
  • Continued sales of  Club Polo shirts for sale
  • Maintained stock:  Grippo, Sleeves, Chalk, Belts, Measures, Bowls USA Rule Books, Club Pins, Club emblems/patches
  • Added inventory of Club  50 ClubTowels (sold all but 4)
  • Developed and Sold 31 Shutterfly Calendars


  • Printed 300  Additional Tournament Score Cards
  • Maintained the Club Bowls Cleaning Kit (polish, grippo, sleave, applicators)
  • Purchased plastic bin for Twilight Open Bowling


  •  Maintained web site:
  • Maintained Coronado Lawn Bowling Facebook page
  • Maintained E Coronado Blogging
  • Maintained a submission of Club Games to Community Calendar in Eagle Journal
  • Changed Listing in the Coronado Telephone Book
  • Submitted 14 Articles to Eagle Journal (including 3 Editorials)
  • Created and maintained photo albums (into 5th album)
  • Maintained the  Club outdoor Bulletin Board
  • Hosted evening twilight bowling for 16 weeks in May through August  (Total and Record 597 participants; Record evening 53)
  • Hosted Table at the Coronado Flower Show
  • Printed 300 additional Pocket Guides
  • Received & Displayed a donated FREE LESSON banner
  • Displayed the Twilight Open Bowling Banner
  • Received and distributed SW LBA generic brochures
  • Hosted American Field Service Students on the Green
  • Purchased 100 name tags for Twilights and other events
  • Purchased 100 printable business cards for raffles, access cards, etc


  • Began with 79 renewal members in January & finished with 95 members for 2013
  • Paid Coronado Senior Center Dues for all club members
  • Paid City of Coronado contribution for all members
  • Updated spreadsheet and paid Southwest dues for all members
  • Conducted Free Lesson Program based on call ins
  • Created “Access Cards” for people to use for 30 days after taking a Free Lesson
  • Distributed new member packets
  • Paid Bowls USA dues for members on request basis 


  • Sought repair work for our outside covered bulletin board
  • Renewed permission to serve alcoholic beverages at club social functions
  • City repaired and fueled blowers and adjusted sprinklers upon request
  • City replaced one defective blower
  • City provided a green vacuum called Billie Goat
  • Had meeting with architects for the new facility
  • Participated on the Ad Hoc Senior Center Advisory Committee
  • Attended City Council Meeting in support of new facilityEVENTS & COMPETITION
  • Held 8 Club Tournaments
  • Established Southern League team members & hosted League play three times
  •  Maintained a Winning Points Program for Draw Play Games
  • Hosted two Visitations and participated in 3 visitations
  • Had third CLBC entry in 4th of July parade
  • Hosted a second Drills Training with a certified Australian Coach (Bar B Cue after)
  • Hosted 4 private events
  • Hosted Rotary Girls vs Guys Event
  • Held Labor Day Bowling & Potluck Lunch
  • Hosted Third Annual Coronado Mixed Triples Tournament under SWLBA
  • Hosted the  First Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Triples under SWLBA
  • Labor Day All Day Bowling and Potluck
  • Halloween Potluck, Bowling and Costume Contest
  • Gathered for Farewell Party for Member
  • Annual Holiday  & Bad Bias Box Party EDUCATION
  • Conducted  Middle School classes with 5 students (Winter 2012 – Winter 2013)
  • Offered Spring and Fall Adult School Classes (4 in the fall and 3 in the Spring)
  • Hosted 12 first through 5th grade students participating in a special introduction to sports program in spring; 12  and then 8 First thru 5th graders in fall.
  • Conducted Fall Elementary After School Program with 4 participants
  • Had Club experts present on Lead, Vice Skip and Skip
  • Created 3 PowerPoint Presentations on Lead, Vice Skip & Skip
  • Conducted Middle School Program with 1 participant (Winter 2013-Winter 2014) GREEN MAINTENANCE
  • Maintained the Green Maintenance Binder with Maintenance Log
  • Maintained the Green Use Calendar Log
  • Logged  712 person hours (@ 89 person work days) of Green maintenance work
  • Had 12 Club Clean Up Days
  • Re-made green markers and added middle markers
  • Sanded low spots on the green


  • Had a full newly elected Board for 2013
  • Held 11 regular Board Meetings (Skipped May (due to Special Meeting)  and 2 Special Board Meetings
  • Developed an 12-Month Activities Calendar (January 2014-December 2014) for 2014
  •  Added Team Information to Calendar & printed the 2014 Calendar
  • Modified Club Rules regarding Board Masters and Process
  • Revised Constitution and By-Laws and held membership approval meeting
  • Paid Insurance Premiums


  • Assisted in the Senior Center Renovation project process
  • Recorded winners of Super Shots Club (28 this year exceeding last year’s 25)
  • Won the USLBA Super Shots Trophy for the second time in a row with 76 individuals turning in their participation in a Super Shot event
  • Conducted Member survey regarding Visitation preferences
  • Green use of  5,837, exceeded 2012 by 1,042 & is our record to date
  • Single Day Green use record was recorded at 115 uses.
  • Twilight Open Bowling Attendance of  597 exceeded last year by 266 participants.
  • Single highest attendance at Twilight was 53.