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Full Membership year for the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club is January 1 to December 31. The annual dues are $150 for the full year. If you join later in the year, the dues are reduced for the remaining months of that year. Of the $150, $25 dollars goes to the City of Coronado for use of the facilities. $10 goes to pay your dues in the Southwest Lawn Bowls Association opening up an opportunity to compete in tournaments almost every weekend of the year at clubs all over California.  $50 of the dues is placed in a fund being kept by the City of Coronado for replacement of the championship quality artificial green when that becomes  necessary.  The CLBC gets the other $65 for day-to-day Club operations.  To join the CLBC, you simply complete a short application form (click on the following blue dates corresponding with the date on which you are applying) and mail it  along with a check. (Click on  Links Below for Membership Application Forms)

(January 1- March 31, $150)

(April 1- June 30, $135) 

(July 1-September 30, $90)

(October 1-December 31, $45).

If you join on December 1 and pay the full $150, your membership for the following full year will begin immediately giving you an extra month.

Active Military Membership is $75 per adult for January 1 to December 31.  (April $60; July  $45; October $30)  Call 619-319-5509 or Email for applications.

Part-time San Diego County Residents may also opt for a seasonal membership of $24/month for up to three months. (Click Here for Application for Seasonal Membership)


12 Months (365 Days) of Possible Bowling

208 Days of Club Draw Games

Use of Club Bowls until You Buy  Your Own

Unlimited Free Lessons

6-8 Club Only Tournaments a Year

Potlucks, Parties and Other Social Events

Comaraderie and Friendship (A Second Family)

Chance to Excel & Become a National & even an International Champion

FUN, Limited only By your Own Imagination


The Perfect Head

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