President’s Message 2014 – The Little Engine that Could


The Little Engine that Could

Our third full year of the reconstituted Coronado Lawn Bowling Club was a record breaking year for us.  It all began when we learned that our revered member, Bill Hiscock, became the first and still the only bowler in San Diego County to be inducted into the Bowls USA Hall of fame putting us on the national map of recognition.  Then we learned that our “little” club won a trophy for being the Club in the nation to achieve the largest number of Super Shots.  After those early moments of recognition, we proceeded to break most of our records.  We had our record breaking social bowls draw games players in a single day with 32 players; our record breaking single day of green use of 115; our record breaking month of green use of 751; our record breaking attendance at Twilight Open Bowling of 597 including our record breaking evening of 53 participants; our record breaking 2 wins of the 5-Man All Star within a 4-year span; having our first National Singles Championship with Bill Brault; and, as of this date, we are already having our record breaking year of green use with 5,360 uses to date.  In addition, we have greatly increased the number of Members participating and winning tournaments at the regional and national level.  We are evolving from the little club to the “Little Club that Could.”  Just like the” Little Engine,” we are climbing to new heights of local and national recognition.

 While our overall membership number has not yet increased significantly, the number of club members who are actually playing the games has increased significantly.  Social bowls at our club back in 2012 might be a group of 10 to 14 bowlers and now we often see 20 to 30 on any given day.   We continue to host many visitors from other clubs around the world.  We continue our educational programs such as the After School Elementary Programs, Middle School Programs, and Adult School Programs as well as providing the FREE LESSONS enhanced by our new FREE LESSON banner.

When I was inducted as President of the Club last December, I announced that my motto and by-word for 2013 was “Volunteerism.”   While I can see improvement, the “little engine” still has a hill to climb.  This year, 15 members stepped up to host various Twilight Open Bowling evenings.  Members stepped up to assist with Club Clean Up Days, tournament set up and closing,  hosting private events, educational programs, League, Visitations, our two SWLBA  tournaments,  social events, day to day green clean up, set up and closing, and more.  However, I do notice that these volunteers are often the same group of members over and over.  We have still not been able to have a full complement of Team/Committee Captains and Teams that are well rounded and full.  As we look to the future, we need every member to give whatever they can: TIME, special skills, ideas, and LEADERSHIP.  It is a small matter of asking yourself, “where am I comfortable contributing,” or “what do I like to do that would help the Club be better and stronger?”  It could be as simple as telling the Hospitality Team Captain that it would be easy for you to pick up the ice for each of the tournaments or as involved as serving as a Board Member, Team Captain, or taking on a project. Please read the Team Pages in this calendar  to see each Team’s duties and find the place that is right for you.

The following pages in the 2014 CLBC Calendar outline our plans for another busy and exciting year.  Plans will grow and we will be busier and happier than ever as we work hard to grow our membership one bowler at a time.  We will indeed be the “Little Club that Could.”

As always, we thank Parks and Recreation Services Director, Linda Rahn for her unwavering support and we look forward eagerly to continue to work with her to develop and implement the plan for a wonderful new facility by the green.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                            Bernie

Bernie Roeder

Bernie Roeder

President, Coronado Lawn Bowling Club (2013-2014)

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