President’s Message – 2016 New Beginnings


New Beginnings

We have now celebrated the Coronado Lawn Bowling Club’s 80th birthday and we also celebrated the City of Coronado’s 125 Years. Our 80th Birthday Community Charity Event was a huge success. 2015 was a year of hosting many private events from which we received some very generous donations, and a year of very satisfying membership development. We continued to work hand in hand with the City of Coronado planning for the new facility at 7th and D, which will house our very own Coronado Lawn Bowling Club Room.

As I write to you, our current facility is scheduled to go down in January 2016. The time-frame to completion of the new facility is 10 to 12 months. This means that we have a challenging year ahead. The Green will remain open and we will continue to play as a club and to host as many events as possible within the confines of our situation. While it will be inconvenient and trying at times, the anticipation of the glorious new facility that we have seen in the architects’ plans will keep us happy and optimistic.
We negotiated a temporary one-year extension of our Permit to Use the Green to cover the period of construction. We await the unveiling of the City of Coronado’s Recreation Department Business Plan for the new facility, which will then launch perhaps a more complicated negotiation process. We know that we may have to make some changes to the traditional operations of a lawn bowling club, but we are facing that prospect with enthusiasm for a bright future.

The change in format of our Annual Calendar represents another new beginning. We decided that it was time for change and that included simplifying the annual calendar. We have already dismantled the Club Store, which now stocks only the much used Grippo. The Club Store was never intended to make money for the Club and it became more of a problem than a helping hand.

2015 was an extremely busy year as we added more and more activities, tournaments, and events to the schedule and we were quite challenged by the hottest most humid weather that anyone could remember. We are mindful of the challenges that the heat can bring to bowlers as we construct the calendar for 2016. As a Club, we cannot please everybody all of the time but, as your President, I will continue to do everything that I can to please all of you at least some of the time.

Bob Grobe
President, Coronado Lawn Bowling ClubSummers Day

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