Learn the Game


The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club offers FREE LESSONS to residents and part-time residents of San Diego County.  Simply call 619-319-5509 to make an appointment for your FREE LESSON. 

The first lesson is offered at no cost.  Thereafter, a one-time fee of $15 is assessed covering up to four additional lessons prior to a trainee joining the Club.  A bowler or trainee may bowl with the Club during a period of 30 consecutive days without becoming a member.

YES, that means that after a lesson, you may join in and play in Draw games at the Club for 30 consecutive days after that lesson, which may help you decide if you love the game.

CLUB COACH – Robin Olson

The CLBC appointed former National Champion, Robin Olson, to be the Club’s Official Coach.  Robin has many years of experience playing and teaching the game of Lawn Bowling.  She has competed nationally and internationally in the sport.  The CLBC recently sent Robin to be trained in the Australian method of coaching.  Members of the Club can avail themselves of opportunities to improve their skills by arranging an appointment with Robin for lessons (858-270-6825).

Robin 2


The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club appointed Stan Silver to be the Lead Instructor to give lessons and instruction to first time bowlers.  Stan is a long-term accomplished bowler who loves helping people learn and fall in love with the sport.  You can contact Stan for a Free Lesson by calling and leaving him a message at 619-319-5509.

CLUB Ambassador – Barry Thurman

The Coronado Lawn Bowling Club named Barry Thurman the Club Ambassador.  Barry is one of the friendliest bowlers in the club and will convince anyone he meets to try our sport.  Barry is available to provide FREE LESSONS by calling and leaving him a message at 619-319-5509.